Thursday, September 22, 2005

Library Of Texas Available From Library Web Site

The Texas State Library unveils the Library of Texas
Users can search 100 Texas library catalogs in one search session from new Web-based state service
Austin - The Texas State Library and Archives Commission is pleased to announce a new service, the Library of Texas. This Web-based service at allows users to discover and retrieve information from multiple library catalogs, research databases, and other knowledge collections in one simple search session. Texans no longer need to use a separate interface for each individual library or database. At present, the Library of Texas searches through the catalogs of 63 public libraries, 26 academic libraries, and 40 TexShare commercial databases.

According to Network Services Librarian Kevin Marsh, who coordinated the development of the Library of Texas, the service is easy to use, yet very powerful and customizable. Notes Marsh, "Users can customize the service to include specific libraries near their homes or offices, and then create and save groups of 'favorites' for future searching." Many search results from the TexShare research databases will include the original full-text article, satisfying the information needs of the user right away. For materials that are not immediately available online or at the user's home library, customers can submit an interlibrary loan request. Search results also include links to online bookstores where the materials can be purchased.

Notes a University of North Texas student, "It was great to find out which libraries actually had a resource, instead of searching several library catalogs as I have done in the past. Since I live in Houston, I consider several local libraries as possibilities."

Visit the Library of Texas at Users do not need a login ID or password to search library catalogs. To make full use of the Library of Texas, including access to the TexShare databases and interlibrary loan services, login to the service with a TexShare login ID and password available from your local Texas library.

Marsh states, "The Library of Texas represents the future of library services in the nation and is being used as a model for other states. We're very excited to bring this service to Texans." For more information about the Library of Texas, please contact Network Services Librarian Kevin Marsh at (512) 463-5534 or